It was such a pleasure meeting Dr. Kindall and chatting with her this week. I came back so inspired to serve the Lord to the best of my ability and to really work on improving my piano skills. Thank you so much, Dr. Kindall, for coming to the Majesty Music Conference to teach and share your wisdom and knowledge with us!

Janelle Rodriguez

Midland, MI

Our daughter takes cello instruction from Mr. Simmons. She really enjoys Majesty Music Academy. She’s made a lot of progress in a short time and we are so happy with the level of instruction she has received.

Rachel Menillo Cohee

Greenville, SC

MMA has a dedicated and patient staff who has really helped me progress quickly on piano. Mrs. Quantrille makes every effort to make my lessons a relaxed pleasure yet challenging at just the right level. Thanks Majesty!!

Cliff Heitz

Greenville, SC

My son takes percussion lessons with Mr. Schoolfield at MMA and loves it!  He has access to lots of different instruments there at the studio, and has learned so much this year.  I appreciate the professionalism and personal care that the teachers and Dr. Kindall take with each student.  We are so thankful for MMA!

Ruthie Pilgrim

Simpsonville, SC

I was incredibly privileged and blessed to work this week as a helper for the first Majesty Music Musicamp here in SC! It was a tremendous week and Caleb and I both LOVED it! I am so thankful for this experience and for Dr. Kendall and the Majesty Music Academy’s work to put this camp together. Towards the end of this video we had a surprise visitor who came up and sang with our campers and although I was crouched down behind the railing up front keeping an eye on wiggly worms, a lifelong dream of mine was fulfilled . . . to sing WITH Patch the Pirate in person. I know it may not seem like any big thing to most people, but to this girl it was everything! Had Patch the Pirate never began the ministry God impressed on him to do, I may never have accepted Christ. I asked Jesus to save me as a direct result of listening to “Patch the Pirate Goes to Space” and hearing little PeeWee Pirate ask Jesus into his heart! This was a special week and it couldn’t have ended any better!!!

Lauren Lockhart

Rutherfordton, NC

Majesty Music Academy has been a wonderful blessing! I’ve taken the hymn improvisation and service playing class online with Mr. Duane Ream, and I’ve learned so much in just a short summer. I highly recommend MMA for anyone interested in developing their music skills to honor and glorify God!

Beth King

Birmingham, AL

When I saw that the Academy had on-line classes as an option I was ecstatic! I turn on my laptop at the designated time once a week and there I am, at my own piano, taking a lesson. I’m very pleased with the progress I see in my playing ability, and in my musical thinking! I have been taking piano lessons through Majesty Music Academy for just over two months.

After she looked at my repertoire and covered my interview lesson, Dr. Kindall tailored a selection of pieces for me to work on that were at the perfect level to push me forward. She valued what I had already accomplished as a pianist while expertly starting to fill the gaps of my musical education. She encourages me by telling me I’m “grappling with greatness” as I again pull out my focal classical piece, inching it nearer to performance worthiness. I excitedly look forward to my lessons each week; Dr. Kindall has been a blessing to me, and I am looking forward to meeting her in person some day to give her a big hug and say “Thank You”!

Mrs. Laura McKeen

Louisville, NE

Thank you again for everything. Majesty Academy has given me a new appreciation for my music and how to use it for the Lord. I am pleased with the progress I have made in my vocal abilities and Ms. Solomon is a fabulous instructor!
Lael Lawless

Spring, TX