Dr. Rajesh Gandhi

Rajesh Gandhi

Ph. D., M. A., M. S., B. S.


RAJESH GANDHI has played the guitar for more than 30 years and taught for more than 13 years. He holds the Ph. D. in New Testament Interpretation from Bob Jones University.

His teaching experience includes private lessons, guitar classes for the Extended Education Program at Bob Jones University, and guitar classes for two Spanish churches in the area. Rajesh has a heart for ministry and actively uses his talents in the local church. He says,

“I desire to teach students to love playing the guitar and to enjoy learning it. My goal is to train skillful guitar players, especially those who want to use the guitar in ministry. I use many original techniques and methods that I have invented to teach my students to play in ways designed to maximize their abilities. I have also written more than a dozen Christian hymns for use by my guitar students and others.”

Dr. Gandhi enjoys teaching beginners about the instrument, instructing them thoroughly in basic picking patterns, the chromatic scale, the major scale, various strumming patterns, and many simple songs. He has had much success in training students to play chords in the common keys used in guitar music.